The West Gippsland Music & Drama Eisteddfod inc. proudly presents the West Gippsland Performing Arts Competition, a celebration of 25 years in 2018. The competition provides opportunities for individuals to gain experience by performing to the public whilst polishing their skills and gaining knowledge and valuable experience. For many it is a stepping stone to greater things.
In addition to the traditional eisteddfod focus, we host the Gippsland Parasteddfod which is a non-competitive event for people with a disability to gain performance experience in the areas of music, drama and dance.


Instrumental Solos & Duets – July 20-21
Classical Vocal – July 27-28
Vocal Groups – August 2
Instrumental Ensembles & Rock Bands – August 3
Contemporary Popular Vocal – August 4-5
Speech & Drama – August 4-5
Piano – August 16-19
Gippsland Parasteddfod – September 20

Entries open April 23
Entries close June 5